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Skinny Bakery

Skinny Bakery sells its guilt free treats online using a WooCommerce store (Wordpress).

Skinny Bakery Website – Key Facts

Skinny Bakery in a Nutshell

Skinny Bakery is my kinda website – sweet treats without all the guilt! The company sells low calorie doughnuts, cakes and other typically-sugary snacks.

They sell their treats on an ecommerce website powered by WordPress and WooCommerce.

We took a dig around and found 3 things we love!

1. The Bright and Fun Colour Scheme

For a brand that’s big on fun snacks without the guilt, it wouldn’t really have worked to go with a dull or bland looking ecommerce website. So Skinny Bakery went bright. And we love it.

The product imagery, the text and the whole site, essentially, is laced with colours.

It’s fun. Some people might not be keen on so many bright colours on a single page but we think it works well and the site looks fun.

2. The Free Delivery Countdown Feature

Free delivery at a certain minimum value incentivises users to spend more in ecommerce. We all know it, but how do we effectively make people aware?

Well, we really like Skinny Bakery’s approach here.

They have a feature at the top of the page that looks like this:

skinny bakery free delivery

As you add something to your basket, the red dot gets closer to the truck, signalling your free delivery eligibility.

It’s quite a neat way to keep someone aware of how far off the threshold they are if they’re actively trying to reach it. But equally, it’s useful in perhaps encouraging those who hadn’t thought too much about it to hit that £30 mark!

3. The Recipe Blog

Bearing in mind that the audience is probably people who love good food but don’t want to eat high calorie, they’ve nailed the blog content.

They’re writing recipes for indulgent treats with a lower calorie take in lots of cases.

Skinny bakery recipe blog

The one thing I often find lets down ecommerce websites is pretty bland looking blog sections. WooCommerce, being a WordPress thing, is probably at the advantage of being born out of blog-first sites. 

The blog here isn’t an after thought, which is refreshing to see on an ecommerce website.

In all, we love it!



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