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Another solid example of a BigCommerce website is We've taken a look around! – The Key Facts


Car and Van Mats – BigCommerce Website Example sells, well, you’re not going to get any prizes for guessing. And while this isn’t the most glamorous product set in the world, it’s a solid examples of an online store. Here are 3 things we love:

1. The Search Function

There’s a bog standard search function at the top of the page. But then this features on the homepage.

It’s a clever move to put in on the homepage. If someone lands on a specific manufacturer page, they’re less likely to need the search. Someone landing on the homepage is likelier to need such a function.

car van mats search visibility

This is clean and very fast too!

2. Drop down menus on desktop

This is one that only applies to desktop, but this is great:

car van mats menu

We know users generally scan read. The drop down menus, by their very nature, have to be quite sizeable to fit all the different manufacturers in. Using the manufacturer logos is a really clever way to make it easier for users to read these lengthy dropdowns.

It isn’t something that has been replicated on mobile, but then the nature of menus on mobile (more long lists) is that they’re often easier to read anyway.

3. Upsells on Product Pages

The pricing is listed for standard quality, but you can easily upgrade to plusher carpets or higher quality rubbers on the mats within the product page itself:

upsells car van mats ecommerce

A Simple, Clean Site

In all, this is a really clean and simple website selling a product that many would consider boring. But it’s a great example of using BigCommerce to good effect in creating a simple site that serves the core purpose of just getting people to the right product and quickly.





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