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Beards and Daisies

Beards and Daisies are a great looking Shopify website example in the home and garden space, selling plants online.

Beards and Daisies – The Facts

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Beards and Daisies

Beards and Daisies is an online indoor plants retailer. We’ve no idea where the brand name came from, but we like it! And that’s not the only thing we like about this Shopify site. Here are three more.

1. That Homepage 😍

There is absolutely nothing not to love about the website homepage. From start to finish, it’s a thing of beauty.

beards and daisies screenshot shopify

The hero section at the top is straight to the point making it clear what they do. No cryptic marketing copy here. And the image is stunning.

Scroll down a little and you’ll see more great copy and images:

beards and daisies homepage 2

It’s so simple and clear and it looks brilliant on both mobile and desktop devices.

2. The Copy

I hinted at this when talking about their homepage, where the hero section uses very clear, simple language to explain what they selling. This is something that is consistent throughout the website, but despite being very simple and clear, is far from dull.

Take a look at this section from the homepage:

beards and daisies unkillables

Referring to low maintenance plants as “the unkillables” is playful but clear. And the way they write to you in a really conversational tone is something we love.

Throughout the whole website, you will find lovely examples of conversational, playful, clear copy. There is no marketing bulls**t to be found on Beards and Daisies.



3. The 5 Ways to Shop Plants

Oh take a look at this navigation menu. 

beard and daisies navigation menu

There are 5 sections to this menu which essentially offer users 5 different (sensible) ways to shop for their plants:

  • By category
  • By care level
  • By room
  • By feature
  • By required light level

Beards and Daisies have identified that while some people will shop by a typical ecommerce category, others will shop by how easy it is to look after the plants. Others will shop based on how much light they have in the room they plan to house the plants. Some will shop by room. And plenty shop for things like “pet friendly” plants.

They’re familiar with the things their customers want to know when buying plants and they’ve built this into the way that users browse on their site.

We Love it

We could’ve gone on about this Shopify store all day long. On top of the smart navigation, excellent copy and beautiful homepage, the site also boasts some absolutely gorgeous product photography!

Check it out for yourself.




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