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Shopify by Numbers: 2022 Statistics

Shopify. It's a POWERHOUSE. But just how big is the ecommerce platform in 2022? We've got the statistics.

Shopify Statistics: The Quick Version

Want all the latest Shopify statistics without hanging around too long? Here’s our summary of the main numbers. You can read on for more detail. Or not… we won’t be offended.

  • Shopify is the most searched for ecommerce platform in the world by a country mile. Over 3.25 million searches were made on average in each of the last 12 months in Google globally 
  • Around 2 million merchants use Shopify at their platform of choice
  • Shopify has a 32% market share in the USA making it the country’s market leader but it still plays second fiddle to WooCommerce on a global front
  • There are over 7,000 apps on the Shopify app store

Shopify in Search

One way to measure the demand for something is to take a look how many searches are made for it in Google each month. To do this, we pulled some data from about searches for major ecommerce platforms including:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopwired
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Wix Stores

Here’s what we found:

Search QueryEstimated Searches/Month Globally in GoogleUSA Only UK OnlyCanada OnlyAustralia Only




Of course, a number of caveats apply here and these are detailed at the end of this post. We have excluded large platforms that are not ecommerce first (for example, Wix) as we know that a large proportion of searches will be from people not specifically looking to set up an online shop.

And, of course this list is not exhaustive.

But what is clear to see is that Shopify is streets ahead of the competition in terms of the frequency with which has been searched in Google. This is the case globally and is the case in major English-speaking territories individually too.

With a 3.25 million searches in each of the last 12 months on average, the nearest competitor to Shopify in terms of search is WooCommerce, the WordPress based ecommerce offering.

How many Shopify websites are there in 2022?

So, Shopify has not released an exact number of websites in 2022. However, in December 2021 it did email its partners to say:

“Now now powering millions of merchants on Shopify.”

how many websites on shopify

A review of the numbers linked to here shows that the Shopify now refer to the number of merchants using the platform as “millions,” leaving us to assume that the number is now over 2 million.

That is quite the milestone!

How many sales have been made on Shopify websites?

According to Shopify, there have been over $4 billion in sales through Shopify websites since the platform launched in 2006.

However the company has not yet released any statistics about the specific number of transactions this equates to.

Shopify market share in 2022 (USA and Global)

In 2021, it was estimated by that shop if I had a 29% market share in the USA this has grown. And as of 2022, Shopify now enjoys a 32% market share in the USA.

shopify market share 2022


Will commerce remains in second place in the United States, though enjoys the largest market share globally. Shopify, globally, based on the data from dealt is in second place.


However, the importance of the USA market is of course not to be underestimated. And it is one hell of an achievement for Shopify, to have achieved such a significant market share there.

And based on trends in recent years, it is probably a reasonable assumption that Shopify is heading for the largest share of the market globally as well.

Other Shopify statistics in 2022

Shopify itself does release some data.

According to its figures:

  • They’re over 7000 apps in its App Store
  • He’s there now 70 Shopify themes available in its theme store
  • Websites selling using Shopify and I’ll spread out across around 175 different countries in the world

Can anyone beat Shopify?

It is hard to imagine a new entrant to the market overtaking Shopify right now. In fact it only looks like things are getting better for this ecommerce platform. But it’s a fast changing game, so who knows?




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