doisy and dam shopify ecommerce website example

Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam is a greartlooking Shopify website and a perfect example of making your site look playful and bold.

Doisy and Dam – Key Facts

Ecommerce PlatformShopify
SectorFood and drink

3 Things We Love About Doisy and Dam

Apart from the fact that everyone loves chocolate, Doisy and Dam’s design is incredibly playful. One of the perks of having a small product inventory is that you don’t end up with complex websites of hundreds of thousands of pages. The site is simple to navigate.

Here’s three of our favourite features:

1. This “Our Promise” Section

doisy and dam promise

This section on the homepage outlines 3 things Doisy and Dam do better. They’re promising quality ingredients, excellent ethics and ultimately better chocolate.

We like it. It looks great and appeals to those who are concerned about the ethics behind their treats too.

2. Subscription Options

subscription options ecommerce

How often do you need chocolate, truffles and sweet treats?

All the time. That’s how often.

So you can schedule a delivery every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks (or of course just the one off purchase).

3. These Upsells!

Upsell doisy and dam

On product pages, you get “frequently bought together” elements that encourage the upsell!

We like ’em!


How does Doisy and Dam Perform in SEO?

Ok, so here come the caveats. We’re not involved with Doisy and Dam so our observations come from third party tools, which are never entirely accurate. And SEO performance isn’t only down to technical things and platforms! There’s loads going on. 

But, here’s what we do know.

Data from SEMRush suggests the site is enjoying some organic growth.

doisy and dam shopify seo

That said, when we headed to Google to type in “vegan chocolate” at December 2021, we were not able to find the website on the first 10 pages of results in the UK. We found them on page 3 for “dark chocolate monthly subscription,” and on page 5 for “chocolate buttons.”

That said, lots of people search for Doisy and Dam by brand name so lots of their SEO traffic looks to be coming from searches containing the term “Doisy and Dam.”


Site Speed and Core Web Vitals

Caveats claxon again here! Our approach to taking a snapshot glance at site speed is to use GTMetrix and pop in the homepage, a product page and a category/collection page and set to check from UK servers (simulating Chrome as the browser on desktop)

We use Google’s own Page Speed Insights tool to assess Core Web Vitals pass or fail status again for the same 3 URLs.

If you want more information about Core Web Vitals, check out this information from Google.

In this case, here’s what we found:

URLGTMetrix Grade (Chrome Desktop)Core Web Vitals (Mobile)Core Web Vitals (Desktop)

It performs relatively well on the homepage and product page with room for improvement on the collections URL we tried. Again, this is all as of December 2021.

Want more Shopify inspiration?

You can check out all of our favourite Shopify store examples.


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