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Skullcandy Headphones is a great example of a bold, loud ecommerce website on BigCommerce in the electricals space. Let's take a look. Key Facts

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Website – Bold and Loud on BigCommerce

A much loved headphone brand, Skullcandy’s products are considered some of the best on the market. Its stand out branding is something it has brought into play on its website too.

Here are 3 things we love about it.

1. Incredible Product Photography

Its bold homepage, decorated red and green over the holiday season, is loud. But when we move into product category pages, things get cleaner.

ecommerce category page example skullcandy

We absolutely love the clean, slick transparent background product images and the little thumbnail versions underneath to show different colour variants.

2. Slick Variation Selection on Product Pages (Desktop in Particular)

Some products have a whole host of colour options on Skullcandy. And the brand has gone the extra mile in how they showcase this. They’ve gone way over and above simply including photos of different colours.

On this page, for example, there are 6 colour options.

There’s a big feature panel to let you switch between them:

skullcandy bigcommerce product page example

And when you switch between colour variants, not only does the main product image change, but the background colour changes too in order to make sure you’re getting the best view of the product each time. Here, for example, is what happens when you switch to the dark blue/green:

skullcandy product page 2

They’ve managed to get this working effectively on the mobile version too. I’m a big fan.

skullcandy mobile product page

3. The Copy

We’re huge fans of the copy. Lots of product page copy in particular really does a great job of selling the experience.

skullcandy headphones copy

Bear in mind that they have a whole host of headphones, you can browse through several product pages and none of them sound repetitive (despite the fact they all sell headphones).

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